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The adoptable pets at Lake Falls Animal Shelter are eagerly awaiting their fur-ever homes, but someone—or something—is chasing those chances away. After a series of potential adopters run screaming from the shelter, the animals know their only hope is to band together to discover the cause of terror in the building.

As the weather grows increasingly ominous, so do the suspicions surrounding the mystery. It’s up to kitten sisters Mayra and Rosie Wormwood and their friends in the shelter to chase clues, overcome their fears, and fight for their chance at a happy future. Can the animals solve the mystery before an endless darkness sets upon this quiet countryside shelter? Or has the last adoption already happened at Lake Falls?

Release Date: January 2020

The Door to Fur-ever is a collection of emotional, tail-wagging, harrowing, hilarious, and inspirational true animal adoption and rescue stories. Inspired by her own pets, Kimberly wrote the Purr-fectly children’s series to celebrate all the qualities that make us unique; but there are countless more rescue “tails” waiting to be shared. And for these pets, the door to their fur-ever home was only one story away.

If you or someone you know has an adopted pet with an unforgettable story, Kimberly wants to hear it! Email purrfectlybooks@gmail.com with subject line “The Door to Fur-ever” to be considered for this book.

Release Date: August 2020