The Cats


Meesta and Princess are Kimberly’s adopted three-legged cats who serve as the main inspiration behind the Purr-fectly series.

Meesta, a 10-year-old orange tabby, was adopted from the Pennsylvania SPCA in 2011 after being passed up for months because of his limb difference. Veterinary experts told Kimberly that Meesta was born with all four legs; he lost the limb to some sort of trauma in his early life. Meesta also has no teeth from feline stomatitis…and he is perfect in every way! Kimberly credits Meesta with sparking her lifelong mission of helping homeless pets; he showed her how able and indomitable shelter pets can be, and his journey in the shelter and beyond inspires her every day.

Princess is a two-year-old gray tabby and the inspiration behind the third book in the Purr-fectly series. Kimberly never anticipated writing a third book, or adopting another three-legged cat for that matter, but when she came across a photo of Princess on social media, the bond felt meant to be. Princess was born with a limb difference; before she was even one-year-old, she had a litter of four kittens and found herself in an overcrowded shelter down south. She and her kittens were slated to be euthanized to create space in the shelter, but Monkey’s Pack, a Connecticut-based rescue, stepped in and saved Princess, her kittens, and several other cats before that could happen. Kimberly adopted Princess and was inspired to write the sequel to the original book when Meesta and Princess formed an immediate and beautiful friendship.