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“Unique is strong, and different is good, while sometimes a challenge, it’s true. Everyone’s made in their own special way; be proud to be purr-fectly you!”

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  • Saturday, August 24: Second Chance Animal Rescue 5k Book Signing, Rapscallion Brewery, Sturbridge, Ma. (9-12pm)
  • Sunday, September 1: Dog Days At The Coventry Farmers Market with Monkey’s Pack, 2299 South St., Coventry, Ct. (11-2pm)
  • Saturday, September 7: Wapping Fair, 75 Brookfield Street, South Windsor, Ct. (10-9pm)
  • Sunday, September 8: Wapping Fair, 75 Brookfield Street, South Windsor, Ct. (10-6pm)

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